Thailand’s Only Alternative Fet!$h Dance Club

FetNite is on Hiatus
We will Re-open
Jan. 2024

We are currently traveling

FetNite is a Fet!$h & Alternative dance club, inspired by the Los Angeles underground scene. 

Step into another world at FetNite.

Dress to express your alter ego – latex, leather, PVC, lace, or all black – Alt. Fashion, Gothic, Steampunk, Cosplay, Puppy or your own style… 

DJs play only Electro, Goth, Industrial, Darkwave, 80’s, Synthpop, Cyberpunk & Alternative beats.

At FetNite, you can freely explore your fet!sh side through fashion, dancing, and play. For the open-minded and adventurous, we have 4 designated fet!sh-play zones. But above all, come ready to make friends, flaunt your style, and discover the dark side you’ve been craving.


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